April 25th, 2019


It's a miracle!

Our prayers were answered, and we finished the late rush project! ...Well, almost. We still need to do a final read-through, which is especially important this time, since we were so rushed. We figured it would be safer to go over it with fresh eyes tomorrow morning. But we will be able to get the whole translation turned in by 3pm Eastern time tomorrow, and that means we won't have to push back our other assignments any more than we already have.

And that means we have some time to continue our California Adventure report! Collapse )

Well, that's all for now. For only half a day at California Adventure, this report sure is taking a long time to write. Oh well.

Today I'm so very thankful for finishing the late rush job, having time to watch a little teeny tine bit of TV, there just happening to be a new episode of Freelancers to watch in our small amount of free time, getting to see the new carousel, and getting our package from Uniqlo.