April 23rd, 2019


Turtle talking

Today was a little intense. We had two simulpub chapters to translate, which was only especially hard because one of them was the soccer series, and we have such a hard time with the soccer terms. But this chapter wasn't so bad in that regard. After that we had some follow-up translation to do on the most recent volume of Fire Force, and it was only a few things, so we were sure we could just finish it up real quick and be done for the day...except there was a pop culture(?) reference(?) that we could not find any information on whatsoever. We tried everything we could think of, but to no avail. So that was an extra half hour with nothing to show for it.

We were a little bummed, so we went to get the mail because we're expecting an order from Uniqlo and we wanted to make sure it wasn't taking up space in the mailbox. It hadn't arrived yet, so we were disappointed there, too. And Loot Crate is still not helping us with our missing Wizarding World crate, and we tried a new anime that wasn't great, and it's just not been a great evening. But! then we turned on Kingdom Hearts, and the new version was available for download! And it did it automatically, and we were so happy because we were afraid that playing the Japanese version of the game on an American PS4 might cause weird regional issues that prevented us from getting any of the upgrades. But we got them! And the first thing we noticed is that they finally have check marks next to the things you've already synthesized! And that was one of the things that had us going, "Why in the world would you change that? Kingdom Hearts II was so perfect, and you had to go and mess with it!" But now it's fixed, and we don't have to go all the way to Jiminy's mobile portal to check what we've synthesized and then try and remember it when we go back to the moogle to synthesize things. ...Just trust us, it's a super awesome thing.

So now we're feeling much better, and hopefully I didn't bore you all away before getting to the fun stuff! Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for check marks in the synthesis menu, finishing our immediate work quota for the day, our nephews and niece not being bored by zoetropes, Hermy's blue face, and getting our package from the evil river empire.