April 22nd, 2019



I'm having a night where I can't really even. We've been making tiring plans, and then we came back to email to find out that there was a communication error and we're not getting the help with our missing loot crate that we had hoped to get. I did want to type up more about our California Adventure adventures with the nephews and niece, but...well, maybe if I type a little it will help cheer me up.

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Well, it wasn't much, but we need to get to sleep. I think it did help a little.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota, having some left over Reese's Pieces Eggs to eat for a snack today, getting to go questing in the Gummi Ship, getting at least one Wizarding World crate today, and still having super cute amigurumi cats on our desk.