April 10th, 2019


Land of the Lustrous volume 8

Well, I had been thinking about posting a story about family dysfunction, but then I remembered it's Review Rednesday, so you've all been spared! And today we have a review of Land of the Lustrous 8! We hope you enjoy it! Spoilers ahead!

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Ah, what a great series. We've had a lot of rush jobs lately that ended up shoving this series out of the way, and from the way it's all gone down, we gather the manga isn't selling very well, which is a shame because the anime was super popular. I know the manga doesn't have all the sparkly shiny colors, but come on, people, use your imaginations. And give the series more of a chance, because it's so good!!!

Anyway, according to our records (which may be out of date), this week's new releases include just one! This very volume of Land of the Lustrous! But next week...never mind, it looks like they pushed back the next volume of the Sailor Moon Eternal Edition again. Ever the optimists about this one, they keep announcing it prematurely. And that means! we won't have a review next week! Ha, ha, ha... Maybe we'll talk about Edens Zero or an anime we translated or something. If you have a request, now's your chance to make it! (I mean, you have the whole week, but if you do it now, you won't forget!)

Today I'm thankful for making good progress on Sailor Moon, not having as hard a time as we thought we might with the wordplay (although it's not over yet), having time to make brownies (they're still cooling, so we don't know if the endeavor was a success or not), fond reminiscences of Land of the Lustrous, and getting a Top Fan badge for Kodansha's Facebook page.