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Alethea & Athena
April 4th, 2019 
08:56 pm - FB and PGSM
We've been chatting with Cecille on Facebook, and she's super excited about the new Fruits Basket anime, so she's like, "It's tomorrow! I can't wait!" like it's the big movie event everyone's been waiting for and you have to see it as soon as humanly possible. We've been following the news about it, but mostly we've been casual about our interest in it. We weren't planning to track it and watch it right away, just like on the weekend when we had time, but since she's so excited about it, it kind of makes me antsy. But mostly I just think it's amusingly ironic that we might not have time to watch anything tomorrow (the big premiere day) because we'll be working to get Fruits Basket another volume three done.

In fact, we were supposed to be working on it today, but since there's been a delay in materials, we worked on Sailor Moon instead. It's been years since we've read the SuperS arc of the manga, and the most recent time was in college, so our Japanese wasn't so good. We might not have even really understood much of what was happening, but it was so long ago, I wouldn't remember either way. So I'm really excited to see how everything goes down. Helios is our favorite.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on Fruits Basket another, getting to work on Sailor Moon, getting to watch the Penultimate Peril episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events, Page not sitting on the laptop all day, and getting to see the new Fruits Basket anime soon.
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