March 25th, 2019


Songs of Tokyo

We finished work so miraculously quickly today that we had time to write two reviews and find all our tax information to send to our accountant, and all of this before dinner time! And the timing ended up being so good that when we checked Facebook right before dinner, our timeline gave us the link that Mamoru Miyano posted to the free stream of NHK's Songs of Tokyo program, featuring Mamoru Miyano and Nana Mizuki. It wasn't set to start for another half an hour, so we ate dinner real quick and came back to watch it.

So basically, it was just a quick chat with the two singer/seiyuu, and they performed some songs, and it was great! And the whole time, they had a little studio audience sitting behind them, and they were people from all over the world! They all wore nametags with their names and countries in Romaji and katakana, which is how we could tell that, like, half of them were from America, and we were like, "How did they get to be on this show!?" So jealous. Oh, but they were also all so happy to meet the voice artists that we couldn't really begrudge them. Especially the girl who went to a Miyano-kun concert right after her father died and that's how she learned that there is still joy in life.

But the cutest thing about that was that she was sitting next to this adorable girl from Turkey, who apparently is now working to be an idol in Japan, because she was so inspired by Nana Mizuki. But what was great about it is that the hosts turned to the American girl and asked her to tell her story, but she was having a hard time with it, possibly because of nerves and speaking a foreign language, so the girl from Turkey stepped in and said, "You told me the story about when you went to the concert..." and helped her with it, and it was just so nice.

Incidentally, this show had Japanese and English subtitles the whole time. I think it was for NHK World, so they're definitely going for a global audience.

As for Miyano-kun, he was hilarious. He talked about how he used to be very shy, which nobody believed, because he is such a ham on stage, but he explained that as he got more used to doing concerts and things, he learned to flip the "ore-sama" switch...and apparently he couldn't turn it off, because it was clearly on for most of the program. ...But I guess he needed it to be on, if he's really that shy. Anyway, when he performed his solo, it was hilarious to see all the "ore-sama" moments. It reminded me of something, but now I can't remember what it was.

Nana Mizuki was great, too. She's not in a lot of things that we watch, but she is in Type-0, and she's a great singer. She seemed super nice in the show, too.

Anyway, my main take away from it was that if you're in the right place at the right time, you can be invited to be in the audience for a show with your favorite celebrity. And while I'm still jealous of that particular audience, I just remind myself of the Scottish saying, "What's for ye'll not pass by ye," and have faith that even if I don't get to be on one of those shows, awesome things are in store for me.

Today I'm thankful for having lots of free time today, finally being caught up on review writing, getting to watch Songs of Tokyo, discovering that if you're not terrible at the Seven Purins games you can get three of the fruit as a reward instead of just one, and the pink lemonade cake we bought at the store on Saturday.