March 24th, 2019


Watching TV

One of these days we might stop spending all of our Sundays watching TV, but today was not that day. We like to think it's because we're still recovering from a super crunch followed by the added stress of such things as jury duty and other extracurricular plans. We may also have failed massively at feeding ourselves properly this week, which probably added some unnecessary fatigue. Well, next week will either bring us back to a more routine schedule (except for some ministering visits on Thursday), or it will have Gaston coming down for a non-work trip to Disneyland. So we'll see how well we're doing next Sunday.

In the meantime, Primary went very well today. Athena thought it would be a good idea to teach the kids how to lead music, and they took to the lessons very well. I guess adding clapping to Singing Time makes it more fun and interactive.

We also have ambitions of making something chocolaty. We haven't decided what yet, but we have obtained cocoa. I may have mentioned the chocolate soap we got in our Japanese makeup subscription box. It smells so chocolaty and delicious, and it's keeping morale up with the chocolate-induced endorphins, but it also, naturally, makes us want to eat something very chocolaty. So far the best idea we have is our special recipe for hot chocolate (which is really the Hershey cocoa recipe in different proportions: double the sugar and cocoa, quarter the milk (and then we put it in the fridge, because we don't like hot drinks)), but if we can come up with something not liquid, that would be great because then it can stay in our mouths longer. I mean, we could just hold the liquid in our mouths, but that's a little awkward.

At any rate, our desire to just snuggle under blankets and watch TV superseded our ambitions to make something chocolaty and edible, but that just means that if we feel like it we can skim through some cookbooks to see if there's a recipe that catches our interest before next Sunday (Sunday being the only day we feel like we have time to experiment in the kitchen). We also got a Humble Bundle of cookbooks, for the sole reason that we were baffled by what the pokeballs were made of on the cover of The Geek's Cookbook. We haven't had time to skim through the file to find out. (I mean, we did today, obviously, but we decided we'd rather watch Story Trek, and we have no regrets.)

Today I'm thankful for Singing Time going very well, getting to watch lots of Story Trek, being caught up on God Friended Me, having cocoa powder, and it being almost time to sleep.