March 20th, 2019


Sailor Moon Eternal Edition volume 3

We're so excited! It's Review Rednesday and we have a Sailor Moon review to post! I don't think there's any reason we should be especially excited about this particular volume of Sailor Moon over the others (I feel like we were less excited about volume two), but maybe the delay in this one's release has something to do with it. Anyway, let's get to it! Spoilers ahead!

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Aww, what a great series. Such a handful. I guess that's just the nature of Usagi.

This week we have two new releases! Including this one, Sailor Moon Eternal Edition 3! And the other one is Love in Focus 1! A new series! And you guys, it's super cute! It's by the creator of That Wolf-Boy Is Mine!, so if you liked that one, I would definitely recommend this one! And tune in next week for our review of it!

Today I'm thankful for finishing work miraculously early, getting to post a Sailor Moon review, getting to write a Hatsu*Haru review, the very brief rain we just got, and getting to go to a Relief Society activity.