March 11th, 2019

kid flash

Adjusting to the time change

We called Mom today about tickets to the Harry Potter play (we all decided the tickets were too far out of our price range), and she said she had a sore throat so she was going to have to pass on our regular weekly phone calls (usually Monday evening). We said that's okay, we have lots of work to do anyway, and she said no, we're not allowed to work, we need to have some leisure time whether we're talking to her on the phone or not.

So we looked at our current work situation, which was that we were working on a first draft to a volume of manga that's due on Monday. Tomorrow we'll be working on the edit of a volume that's due on Sunday, that we kiiiind of hate a little (in large part because we're rushed on it). So we thought if we keep working tonight, we'll be working on the series that we like okay, whereas if we decide that our phone call with Mom would have happened on Tuesday this week, we could maybe call it a day a little early on the series that's driving us nuts. So we kept working.

But then we decided to watch a little bit of TV anyway, because we're rebellious(?) like that. And so it seems like we're having a bit of a hard time adjusting to the time change, but not because of the time change itself--because other forces keep interfering with our trying to work a regular workday (Page turned off the laptop twice today, before lunch). But I guess we better get to sleep.

Today I'm thankful for getting a little extra work done on the series we like okay, finishing the first draft on the series that's driving us nuts, Page eventually deciding that she didn't need to sit on the laptop after all, a decision being made on Harry Potter tickets, and having our giant egg-shaped bird plushies looking super cute on the desk.