March 10th, 2019



Today has been a day of domestic adventure! ...Well, only sort of. We had a cookie mix that we bought at Christmas in 2017, and we figured since we're not afraid of eggs anymore, maybe we could, like, make the cookies. So we Googled to make sure it wouldn't kill us from being nine months past its "best by" date ( says it's fine as long it was stored properly (not 100% sure on that, but it was in a dry, not too extreme in temperature place) and doesn't show signs of spoilage), and we made the cookies! And they contained a very high level of chocolatiness, and so we heartily approve. Maybe we'll get another mix this year and make them when the mix is more fresh.

But there is the promise (or should I say threat?) of future domestic adventures. It's kind of a long-ish story. See, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is coming to San Francisco, and because that would involve traveling, we figured we ought to get people to help us go see it. We signed up for the mailing list, and that resulted in us getting early access to tickets, and that starts tomorrow. And our whole family loves Harry Potter, so we figured we'd call around and see if people were interested in making a party out of it.

So we called Celeste, and while I was on the phone with her, her eldest child figured out to whom she was speaking and asked for a turn to talk to me. We asked him how he was doing, and he said he was fine and then immediately told me he wants to be Sora for Halloween and asked if I could make him a costume. My cosplay history precedes me, I'm afraid. I'm actually at an unfortunate point in my life where I really want new costumes, but the thought of sitting down to sew nearly gives me a heart attack. And believe me, we've thought of new costumes before this incident, because with Fire Force being made into an anime, we want to come up with some costumes or bounding or something to represent Hinata and Hikage from Company 7.

But the kid is my nephew, and he's showing interest in our beloved Kingdom Hearts, as well as our hobby of cosplay, so I can't just turn him down. On the other hand, I look at our current workload, and I think about how it's actually not that worse than it's been for the last, like, two years or so, which means there's a good chance it will continue to be this bad through October (it certainly won't help that we're planning to take so much time off to go to Japan and to go to San Francisco to see Harry Potter). So I told him that I would see what could be done, but I couldn't make any guarantees, because I am very busy. And do you know what this five-year-old child said to me? He said, "I'm not asking for it today."

...Okay, I had to pause for a moment to crack up about that.

Anyway, I tried to stay as non-committal as possible, and then his little sister came on to tell us that she wants to be Rapunzel for Halloween, and we think that's a great choice. And pretty funny considering what happened the last time we took them to Disneyland.

And later when I had some time to myself, I used it to do research on Sora's costume in Kingdom Hearts III. I was like, "How hard can it be? It's just a t-shirt, shorts, and a jacket, right?" Ha, ha, ha. But I mean, come on, we already have the Donald and Goofy costumes to match. ...But I have no idea how I'd ever find time to make it happen. Really, we should see if we could convince him to be five-year-old Sora, who really does just wear a regular t-shirt and regular shorts...but nobody would recognize it except for the die-hard Kingdom Hearts fans, and even then, he'd need a wig. Why'd both his parents have to be blond? For crying out loud.

Oh well. This is a problem I won't have...time to think about much for a little while anyway. (I was going to say "a problem I won't have to think about much" but considering how much time I have on average to devote to things like sewing, it's probably best to start considering ASAP. On the other hand, the kid is five. He is not going to be the same size at Halloween as he is now.) At any rate, if this does happen, at least we should be able to get a good Keyblade Heroes 3 photo. ...Unless he decides to go with Kingdom Hearts 1 (easier for me!) or KH2 Sora.

I really should set this aside, though, for the time being. I have too much stress as it is.

Meanwhile, Mom has started playing Kingdom Hearts Union Cross again, which is all the more motivation for us to get back into it. (I was already thinking about it, since there are things in it that I don't think will be addressed in Kingdom Hearts III.) But we think it would be safer to wait until we've finally managed to beat KH3. ...And we have no idea when that will be.

Today I'm thankful for finally making those chocolate krinkle cookies, the cookies having an acceptable level of chocolatiness,, Crimes of Grindelwald coming out on home release this week (we won't have time to watch it, but now we'll be able to talk about it with friends and family who didn't get to see it in theaters), and getting to eat more of those cookies very soon.