March 3rd, 2019


All the dramatic scenes

Another Sunday, another lazy day of chattin' on the internets. And we've been chatting for a very long time and not feeling otherwise productive, so we've decided to multitask! We're talking about Sailor Moon on Facebook--can we keep that and Kingdom Hearts reporting straight? Let's find out!

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And that's that. Oh my goodness, this game. I don't think the reporting does it justice, but I like to think that our reactions will be an amusing read, at least for ourselves in the future.

Today I'm thankful for Kingdom Hearts giving us a not-too-terrible stopping point, all the amazing scenes we got to see, having theater mode already in case we need to refresh our memories when we finally get back to the game, getting to talk to someone in the Primary presidency and hopefully solve some problems we've been having, and having a super cute single-layer cake we got at Bread Day.