March 1st, 2019


Brain fry

The idea today was to finish our monthly simulpub chapter, go to the grocery store, get a head start on one of the three things we have due in the next two weeks, and then play Kingdom Hearts. But the monthly simulpub had other ideas. Oh my goodness, with the wordiness in this chapter. There was even one of those "hey, let's have a scientific explanation with diagrams!" sort of things, only it was actually (deliberately) a bad analogy, so the first time through, it was like, "What are you even talking about?" We went grocery shopping in the middle of the chapter, and finished it...just in time for dinner. Also, our brains were fried by then, so we decided it was in our best interests to dispense with the head start on next week's work and go straight to the Kingdom Hearts.

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Today I'm thankful for finishing our minimum work quota anyway, getting our grocery shopping done, getting transportation worked out for tomorrow, having time to play Kingdom Hearts, and getting to sleep in a little tomorrow.