February 24th, 2019


All the feels

We're in the middle of a slow-moving chat on Facebook, so to be slightly more productive inbetween messages, we figured we'd update LiveJournal early! Tadah! Now let's see if I can organize my thoughts long enough to write anything coherent.

Stake conference has us thinking about a lot of things, but I think Elder Klebingat hit on exactly the main thing we need to work on...which of course is always the hardest thing to confront. That's how learning and growing and becoming a better person works. But it's personal, so I'm not going to share any more than that.

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In summary, there were some very emotional scenes and I'm afraid I'm just not good enough at expressing myself to do them justice, but you guys, this game is really good.

Today I'm thankful for another great session of stake conference, getting all the feels in the Kingdom Hearts scenes, the game not being over yet, having plenty of Girl Scout Cookies, and finding the little crocheted cactus we bought at a local arts and crafts show a year or so ago.