February 19th, 2019


Back to Kingdom Hearts

Today was kind of bizarre. We had a couple of extracurricular things pop up in addition to our weekly simulpub, so it almost feels like we didn't work at all. Also, Page has tapeworms again, so we ordered a dewormer online and tried crushing it up and mixing it with her favorite treat, but she was onto us from the get-go (I mean, I did tell her we wanted to give her medicine; we don't want her to think we betrayed her), and she refused to even touch it. We may have to do it the old-fashioned way and shove a pill down her throat.

But anyway, Collapse )

And now we're up too late again, even though we were so responsible about turning the game off! ...Oh wait, we were a little irresponsible. We wanted to go back to the one place because it's our Muppet Treasure Island anniversary. It's the 23rd anniversary, so we didn't think we needed to go out of our way to watch the movie, but we wanted to do something to remember it. And that took just a little extra time.

Today I'm thankful for finally having Athena's Wizarding World crate (but we didn't open them today, because it was already such an irregular day), getting to move on with the story in Kingdom Hearts, having time to exercise today, this week being a pretty easy one for our simulpub, and being all set to get back to work on Sailor Moon tomorrow.