February 1st, 2019


Thwarted again

Our plans to play Kingdom Hearts all day were thwarted by the arrival of a simulpub chapter we had to translate. It occurred to us last night that today might be when it showed up, so we were expecting to see it in our email this morning, but as we kept going and going through all the morning emails, we still didn't see it. We got our hopes up. And then, just about right when I was forgetting all about it because we clicked on an email link to read an article, we came back and that was the next email.

So we didn't have as much Kingdom Hearts time as we wanted, but we still got plenty because it was only one chapter, fortunately.

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Today I'm thankful for finishing that simulpub chapter, still having plenty of time to play Kingdom Hearts, Page spending lots of time hanging out with us while we played, Sora always being Sora, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.