January 23rd, 2019


Fire Force volume 13

We finished writing our review of Sailor Moon 5 just in time to get the "seriously get started on this ASAP" for Sailor Moon 6! Perfect timing! And in honor of the potential sudden death of our free time, we stayed up just a little bit extra late playing A Fragmentary Passage. Eh heh heh.

But now it is Review Rednesday, and we have a review of Fire Force 13 to present! Spoilers ahead!

Collapse )

Ah, Fire Force. What a great series. I'm so excited for the anime!

This week, we only have one release, and it's Waiting for Spring 10! ...At least, I think it's 10. Hold on while I check. ... Yeah, it's 10. And tune in next week for our review of the sixteenth volume of the sadly underrated Missions of Love!

Today I'm thankful for having a good amount of free time today, finishing that Sailor Moon review just in the nick of time, making good progress on A Fragmentary Passage, managing to get that Ice Queen challenge taken care of, and our swan plushie being on its way!