January 10th, 2019


Here we are again

Well, here we are, up late again. We were planning to go to bed on time-ish, but then we got stuck trying to get the right information for a translation note, and it took so long that we no longer had time to watch an episode of Anonymous Noise like we had planned. But we had been working all day! We even worked while our pizza was in the oven, and on days where we work all day, that's usually the one time we get a break. And we didn't want today to be all work. So we watched the episode anyway, and now here we are, up late. As usual.

So we're looking at our future, and it seems like we might be work work working all the time again, which is unfortunate, because it leaves us very little time to think about anything else. Oh, except for the intermittent randomly selected Disneyland days. We did have a good time when we went this week, but health-wise we're not sure it was the best. Especially because there was a little girl in our party who latched onto me pretty early on and wouldn't let go...who was also coughing all day. I'm just going to hope that means she was past the contagious phase. She was pretty cute, though. She told me about mermaids, and how they're real, but in the cartoons they're nice, but in real life, they're mean.

Today I'm thankful for making as much progress as we did, getting to watch an episode of anime, having a yummy pizza for dinner, the hope that we're almost done with this volume of manga, and it being almost time to sleep.