January 1st, 2019


Happy New Year!

We didn't have a toast for the new year, partially because we waited out the time until midnight by watching more Wotakoi, and so we were too distracted to think of it. But that's okay, because we just had enough time to get to the introduction of Naoya, who, as it turns out, is played by our beloved favorite voice actor! ...We actually kind of suspected as much, because Athena has gotten into the habit of checking a few Twitter feeds regularly, and his is one of them. He was recently promoting the release of volume four of the Wotakoi Blu-rays, so we figured either he was a regular or a guest character...obviously we were hoping for the former. And that is part of why we were watching Wotakoi to begin with, but the other part is that when we set up our fancy TV and it gave us suggestions of fancy things to watch, for some reason Wotakoi was one of the first ones.

Those two things together had us going, "Well, I guess it's about time we checked it out." And boy are we glad we did! This is exactly the kind of love story I like, where the characters obviously care about each other very much, and there's not a whole lot of drama over the relationship (most of the drama is elsewhere), and most importantly, the conflict isn't driven by miscommunication. But most most importantly, almost every time Hirotaka does something it has me going, "Awww, he loves her so much!" So he seems like one of the best guys ever...but then Naoya comes along and he's horrible to him, and it's like, "What is wrong with you!?" because Naoya is also one of the sweetest guys ever. But if Finding Neverland is to be believed, that's just how it goes with brothers.

Anyway. Athena reminds me that we were going to post two reviews this week! And speaking of our beloved favorite voice actor, today we have a review of Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight volume eight! Spoilers ahead!

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And we wrote that review before we found out that there was going to be a CD drama with the next one, so now we're even more excited for it! ...I mean, we already have the CD drama, but we've had so many other things to do. But more importantly, when volume nine came out, Yuki Kaji specifically waited until midnight to tweet at everyone to remind them of the release! Aww, he cared enough about it to be time-specific! ...We did not get the issue of Dessert that came with his comments about it, though. Oh well.

Anyway! There are no new releases today! Well, that makes sense, because it's New Year's Day. I'm pretty sure there's some logistical or bookkeeping reason that having new releases on this very day would be inconvenient (but it didn't stop Netflix from releasing season three of A Series of Unfortunate Events...which we did not binge watch today). But! tune in on Thursday for our review of Hatsu*Haru 4!

Today I'm thankful for another brand new year, getting to start it off with a review of a great series, getting to watch more of another great series, not being too destroyed by our attempts to exercise today, and being ready to get back to work tomorrow (although it would be nice if we didn't have to).