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Fangirling once again

First of all, happy birthday to Sarah, Sanzo, and Mwu (or Mu, if you want to spell it the American dub way)!

We spent the day getting caught up on anime. We would be able to get even more caught up if we weren't so obsessed with playing Final Fantasy XII, but we are, so there you have it. In fact, if we hadn't been so obsessed with FF12, we probably wouldn't be this far behind. We even decided to stop watching three serieses, and we're still way behind. Ah well.

In the episode of Happiness! we watched today, they introduced the Kamijo siblings, played by Kentaro Itou and Shizuka Itou, which makes us wonder if they're siblings in real life. We thought about looking it up, but we didn't want to take too much time away from getting caught up. Plus, spending the day watching anime can sometimes cause braindeadness, especially when there's a lot of anime with a lot of technical and/or political stuff going on, because then we only know about half of what's happening.

I think the best part of our day was getting to hear Soichiro Hoshi♥ speaking English in Kirarin Revolution. For some reason one of my favorite things ever is to hear my favorite Japanese voice actors speak English. I love it so much I want to rip the lines from the episode and use them on our computer's sound scheme, but we don't know how. There's not a whole lot you can use "We've been separated from our group" for anyway, but Athena says we can use the "Excuse me" for when people IM us. That would be awesome♥♥♥

The main thought on Corda for the day (episode 6...?) is, "Of course Tsukimori's a jerk; he's Monday!" We were so proud of ourselves for figuring out the main characters were named after days of the week. It also inspired us to practice classical instruments even more, because then we don't need to exercise exercise. It's nerdy exercise, so it's perfect!

Last night when we were watching Gilmore Girls, Sookie was wearing the kind of gloves we've been wanting (the ones without fingertips but they have a thing you flip over to make them mittens; they'd be perfect because since we're too stingy to turn on the heater while we're working, we can wear them then and our fingers won't freeze off). Then they showed an Old Navy commercial with more people wearing them, and we remembered that the lady in our ward who works at Old Navy was giving out discount coupons on Sunday, and she gave us each one.

So! now we're going to order a couple of pairs, but we figure it would be best if we each get black. This is a minor issue, because we're both too possessive to share our pretty gloves, so we want to be able to tell whose are whose. We thought it might be neat to embroider letters or kanji on them, but then we have to decide what. Like we could have the kanji for truth on mine and wisdom on Athena's, or we could have Goku and Hakkai. Or we could do something that doesn't require us to do any embroidery, but we'd have to figure out what that would be. Any ideas?

And tomorrow we get back to work on translating, hopefully with some anime breaks, or we'll never catch up. The Kirarin Revolution characters are still in New York, so we might get to hear more adorable English! (I think Japanese accents are the cutest ever.)

Today I'm thankful for the Pirates of the Caribbean sweepstakes letting us enter each of us (instead of thinking we're the same person because we have the same birthday, last name, and address), having time to watch a lot of anime, getting to hear Hoshi-san♥ speak full sentences in English...

...and after a three hour blackout (we're actually back about four hours later, because Celeste got home to find the power was out and decided that the obvious course of action was to order pizza, and then we were watching Top MOdel), I'm thankful to have the power back on, LiveJournal's auto-save feature, and actually for the fact that the blackout ended at our street, so the street light across the way was on and we weren't in total darkness. We really ought to buy some flashlights.
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