November 28th, 2018



We have done it! We turned in an application for a panel at Anime Expo. And we think we have a much better chance this year, because we did it as soon as applications were available, instead of waiting until we were registered, and then asking a question and waiting until somebody had time to get to it. This time, we saw the chance, and we pounced! (It helps that we already had our question answered.) The one potential problem is that there was just a teeny little issue when we hit submit, so we ended up submitting the application twice. Hopefully that won't count against us, because I think this panel will fill a niche that hasn't been filled at Anime Expo and really really needs to be.

We also finished our work quota! It was a little iffy, because there was a UQ Holder! bonus chapter that came out of nowhere, and it looked super super wordy. But we persevered, and thankfully, we managed to finish it with a liiiittle bit of time to play Kingdom Hearts. The inevitable result of that, though, is that we played a liiiittle too long, and now we're up just a bit past our bedtime, which would be fine except that tomorrow we need to balance work with meeting Cecille at Disneyland. Whew, this has been one busy week!

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota, having time to play Kingdom Hearts, getting to apply to do a panel at Anime Expo, our Wizarding World crates shipping before the last day of the month, and getting to see Cecille tomorrow (or Friday, depending on how things go).