November 25th, 2018


Another relaxing Sunday

I'm not sure I have much to say. Our Sundays have become pretty routine lately. We go to church, we come home, eat, check all our computer stuff (email, Facebook, etc.), eat again, watch the latest episode of God Friended Me, read the Book of Mormon while our pizza cooks, eat again, and read Harry Potter until bedtime. This routine will probably change next week, though, because we're close enough to the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that we might skip the TV show in favor of more Harry Potter. Then we'll be done with the main series of Harry Potter, so I'm not sure how that part of the routine will go. I think we're planning to read the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and there's some supplementary reading on Pottermore, and Celeste made us borrow her copy of Tales of Beedle the Bard, so in other words, we may have too many options. But we don't have to worry about that for another week.

Oh but, it's so intense, it's really hard coming out of Deathly Hallows and thinking, "Well, it's time to post an update!" Not like anyone is waiting with bated breath or anything. I just like to. But fortunately(?), there was a trending LJ post about Twilight, a series with which we are only passingly familiar through things we've read on the internet, and yet we're still fascinated to read about it. From the small excerpts we've read of it, I don't think we'd be able to handle the books themselves, though.

I think I've mentioned God Friended Me before, but now the story is getting to a point where I don't know if they're going to try to leave it open, like God may or may not exist but helping people is great either way, or if they're going to try and say, "Nah, guys, we totally didn't believe in God ever all along." If it is written by people who believe in God, I think they probably fit the description of Guinevere and her relationship to religion that you'll find in T.H. White's The Ill-Made Knight. I would give you a brief summary, but I don't think I could quite do it justice. And I also think it's definitely worth anybody's time to read The Ill-Made Knight (and the rest of The Once and Future King (start with The Sword in the Stone)).

Today I'm thankful for another relaxing Sunday, people actually showing up for choir practice, the little twins in Primary helping put chairs away (scolding each other, "Teamwork makes the dream work!"), there being a good chance we'll get some work done tomorrow, and Page being super cute again.