November 23rd, 2018


Shocking levels of productivity

Today was amazing! We finished a whole first draft of Love in Focus, we wrote a review (of Fire Force 14), we did laundry and even tidied the living room some!, and we still had time to play Kingdom Hearts afterwards! This is unheard of! ...Okay, maybe it's not so unheard of, but it hasn't been heard of by us in a long while.

That being said, I'm not sure I have much interesting to say about any of that. We are enjoying Love in Focus, and our Fire Force review was sufficiently entertaining (to us). The tidying of the living room is something we've needed to do for approximately forever, but that we're more motivated to do because tomorrow will be a great day to set up our Christmas tree! And you have to at least start with a non-cluttered room for the tree.

And we managed to clear up a lot of the mess in only about twenty minutes, which is pretty exciting. The other exciting thing is that, while we're aware that a large source of our clutter is the piles upon piles of complimentary copies of manga, we have a plan for a plan on how to deal with them.

See, with the new Fantastic Beasts movie being out, and our current obsession with Harry Potter, and Mamoru Miyano (the Japanese dub voice of Newt Scamander) being super adorable about the whole thing, we want to go see it despite our current dislike of movies in general. This will call for Adventures. Fortunately, we already know how to get to the theater all by ourselves. (Oh, I forgot to mention. We used to go see movies at Downtown Disney, but they closed the theater there, so we had to find a new one.) On the way back from the theater, we're not 100% sure, but we think there's a library we can stop by. So the plan is to go to the library and ask if they want some donated manga. If they say yes, our piles of comp copies will be significantly diminished, and hopefully someone out there will be able to enjoy them.

If we don't find the library, we can go to the one across the street. You may think that that would be the obvious choice anyway, and be wondering why on earth we haven't done it yet. Two reasons. One: we're super lazy and don't want to leave the apartment to go somewhere unfamiliar unless we can be pretty sure there will also be something fun involved. And two: this particular library is only open to the public after the elementary school it's attached to is closed for the day. And there's a reason a lot of the manga we translate is rated teen or older. We simply cannot donate Corpse Party or The Voynich Hotel to an elementary school library.

And now I see people coming along and saying, "Well, you could just bring the books to them and they can use interlibrary loan or whatever to transport the books to a different library." And to you I say, "Do you want to rain ALL over our Adventures!?" But of course we'll consider it as an option, should our Adventures fail on the library front.

Today I'm thankful for Page finding a new hideout in a toppled laundry hamper, getting so much done today!, having a somewhat less cluttered living room, making hopeful progress in Kingdom Hearts as far as Dream Eater breeding, and also finding all the nuts and bolts to the bed frame we've been storing in our apartment.