November 18th, 2018


Not Dora

Another relaxing Sunday has come and gone, and it's back to the grind tomorrow. At least we hope it won't be taking up all our time. And I do genuinely look forward to working on it. It's just that the degree of looking forward is inversely proportional to the dauntingness of the task, where by "dauntingness," I'm referring to how much time we'll need to finish something as compared to how much time we actually have.

Sorry, I think I have a book hangover, which ironically makes it more difficult to put words together. As usual, we're reading Harry Potter, and we've gotten to the point in book seven where we're like, "But why don't they just...?" Like, goblins are all upset that wizards won't teach them anything about wands, so why don't the goblins go hunt down some bowtruckles and do their own research? The wizards are all mad because the goblins won't teach them how to forge cool stuff, so why don't they do their own research? ...And suddenly Athena just suggested that the Goblin Wars were over patents, and that might explain the whole thing. Well, that's one mystery potentially solved. ...But I still think they could do their own research.

Anyway. There is a girl in the Primary who just got her hair cut and she is the most adorable thing ever, but now she looks like Dora the Explorer (but a little grown up). I really hope she doesn't track down this blog, because I had to say something about it! We think it's the cutest thing, and we wanted to say something, but she's in those tween years, which means she might not be a big fan of Dora the Explorer. So I decided to do a little digging before excitedly telling her our observation. I happened to get her alone after church, so I asked her how she feels about Dora the Explorer. She acted like she'd rather not answer. "Mixed feelings?" I asked. "Yeah," she replied.

Well that didn't help. I said I liked Dora well enough, but I agree that she takes waaaaay too long to answer her questions. The girl agreed. So I got right to the point. I asked, "If someone were to compare you to Dora the Explorer, would that make you upset?" And she said, "Yes."

And so. I was forced to keep it to myself that she looked like Dora the Explorer, which was actually a little bit easier now that she was dressed up for church and not wearing a hot pink t-shirt like she was doing at the ward Thanksgiving dinner last night. But she's still one of the cutest things ever.

Today I'm thankful for another relaxing Sunday, having a few people show up to choir practice today, getting to try Ghirardelli mug brownies (verdict: they're alright, but maybe too much effort to be worth it), solving the Ghirardelli mug brownie problem by resolving to get regular Ghirardelli chocolate (either chips or squares) and placing them on top of the regular Duncan Hines mug cake we usually eat, and it being good weather to wear our Chip and Dale blankets.