November 16th, 2018


Glorious day

Oh, what a glorious day! We finished our major work crunch! Huzzah! We really only had one big thing to do today and one really little thing to do today, but since the big thing was editing an entire volume of manga, we were worried that it would take us all day. Fortunately, Hanako maintains its track record of being fairly easy to tweak, and this one was even easier than usual. I don't know if it's the writing style, or if we're just on a good wavelength with the author, or just the fact that half the script ends up being sound effects, but for whatever reason, we spend a lot less time agonizing over the perfect wording when we're working on Hanako-kun.

As a result, we finished all our work before dinnertime! Huzzah! Then we ordered a pizza, because after Disneyland nearly killed us on Tuesday, we decided we were going to need to order a pizza. And the poor delivery girl had such a hard time finding our apartment, the pizza was half an hour late. But we didn't care, because we already had all our work done, so now we could just play silly apps on our iPads while we waited. And when dinner was over, we got to play Kingdom Hearts!

And the miracle of miracles is that it looks like we might actually get to take Thanksgiving off this year! I don't know when the last time we were able to do that was. It might have been only two years ago for all I remember, but I'm pretty sure we were working last year. Anyway, we're not counting our chickens yet, because we decided that next week is the week to get back to Sailor Moon, and if that turns out to go too slowly, then we're going to want to work on it to make sure it eventually gets done. Either way, we think it will be okay to not work all day every day next week, and that's very exciting.

Today I'm thankful for making it through another work crunch, getting to play Kingdom Hearts, the yummy pizza we had for dinner, having time in our schedule to get back to Sailor Moon, and (say it with me now) getting to sleep in tomorrow.