November 11th, 2018


Primary Program Sunday

The Primary program went very well! I always think we have angels helping us with it, because the practices never seem to turn out that well, but the actual program is really good every time. Not that we were all that stressed out about it. Sometimes Athena would think about it and be like, "Uh-oh," but even if the program was a total bomb, it's not like it would be the end of the world. The people in the congregation will think it's adorable either way.

But the children sang beautifully, and some of them even had their parts memorized! (Most of those kids were siblings, so I'm sure we have some good parenting to thank for that.) And there were a ton of visitors today, so the congregation was huge, but we had more than one person come along and say they could hear the kids all the way in the back. And they only had to read the words for two songs, and one of those songs was in Spanish, and it had only been decided to sing it in Spanish when there wasn't a whole lot of time to teach it. So anyway, it was a success, and we're both pleased and grateful at how it turned out.

Then for third hour, as is tradition for Primary Program Sunday, instead of having regular Primary, we let the kids watch a video, which is when Athena and I sit back and critique everything, because we're terrible like that. This time it was The Living Scriptures version of the Lazarus story, which had gorgeous backgrounds and pretty good animation, if a little over dramatic at times. It's probably just as well that we could only sort of hear the dialogue over the excited children...

After church, we had a linger longer to say good by to the senior missionary couple that finished their mission and is going back to Hawaii, and then we came home and relaxed, which, as I'm sure you guessed, involved reading a lot of Harry Potter. I finally figured out why Hermione's Patronus is an otter.

Today I'm thankful for another successful Primary Program, the tasty cupcakes the Second Counselor brought for the post-program treats, getting to read lots of Harry Potter, also getting to read lots of the Book of Mormon, and Page finally rediscovering her heated cat bed (we helped by putting some catnip on it).