November 10th, 2018


Bit of a bummer

Oh man, what a day. It started with the sound of a text message, which actually turned out to be an ad from GameStop, but reminded Athena that there was a baptism today. We had been asked to do the music for it many weeks ago, but hadn't heard anything about it since, so we forgot about it until it was mentioned almost in passing last week. Well, no one seemed too worried about us getting there, so I guess they got someone else to do the music, but boy did we have a stressful time figuring out how we were going to get there. We never did end up going, but I hope it went well.

We also had to do laundry, which kept getting put off until we knew exactly what was going on with the baptism. It wouldn't even be worth mentioning, but when we went to get our clothes and bring them home, we discovered that they were not nearly as dry as we expected them to be. So we had to run the dryer again, and basically it's just been a day of unmet expectations all around.

We also got out billing statements for our taxes. Our accountant put us on a payment plan because we didn't have anywhere near the amount due on tax day. We'd been trying to be aggressive about paying them off, but we've also been distracted, so it was kind of hit and miss about whether we'd make big payments. But now we're thinking we want to look at going to Japan again, and we're also thinking we should get out of tax debt first, so we were hoping we'd gotten the amount small enough to pay off in one fell swoop! But we didn't. I mean, maybe we could have, but then it would be a game of chicken to see if we got enough payments by the time rent came due again. So that was a bit of a bummer, too, but we did manage to pay off a significant chunk, so we're being optimistic now. And best of all, we had time to play Kingdom Hearts.

Tomorrow is the Primary Program! It's been an interesting year in Primary this year, but we thiiiink the kids know all the songs? And we've taken measures for the one they don't seem to know. Well, we'll see how it goes.

Today I'm thankful for the cute little butterfly hanging out on our route to the grocery store, Milano cookies being on sale, eventually getting our clothes dry, getting to play Kingdom Hearts, and getting to watch the Ace Attorney anime.
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