November 9th, 2018


Words, words, words

Oh man, In/Spectre makes my brain numb sometimes. I think this translation turned out pretty good, but I don't think I was in any mental state to know for sure by the time we finished. We did an experiment to see if we could get an idea for just how wordy this series is, because oh my goodness, the script wasn't just long, it was wide!

So here's what we did. Remembering that Waiting for Spring also tends to have long scripts, we found one of the lengthier ones. I'd say it was about 10% longer than the script for this latest volume of In/Spectre. And then we used the handy-dandy word count tool (which I realize is constantly displayed in the corner of Microsoft Word, but we're using Open Office, so you have to seek it out). Now keep in mind, Waiting for Spring had the longer script.

In/Spectre had more than three thousand more words! That makes it about 20% wordier than Waiting for Spring! Aaaaaaahhhhhgggghhh......

It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't always a rush job when it comes up. And our editor always tells us it's okay if we can't get it done supersuperfast, and we really should learn to take him up on that by now, but it's just as well that we didn't this time, because we have two more books that we need to translate ASAP! And in retrospect, it probably would have been helpful to everyone to reverse the order of translation and get this one done last (since the letterer is so speedy), but we put them on the calendar in order that people ask for them, because when someone says ASAP, that's what we do. If something gets put on the calendar first, it's already there, so AP in ASAP becomes less S, because there's more on our schedule. I don't know, it makes sense to us.

Anyway, it's the last thing on the list that our editor really wants to get done with time for the letterer to finish it before Thanksgiving, so we might have to hustle next week. Oh, who am I kidding, we will. But we finished our work today, and that's the important thing!

Today I'm thankful for finishing that volume of In/Spectre, having time for an episode of anime afterword, getting to have a yummy pizza for dinner tonight, the wind dying down, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.