November 7th, 2018


Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight volume 7

Well, the good news is we finished our work quota! But the bad news is we don't have time for anything else...except posting a review! It's still good, though, because we think our work quota for tomorrow might not be so bad...but it's the editing phase, so we won't know for sure until we get started.

But! today we're reviewing Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight, and we're super excited about it! We haven't read the review yet, so we don't remember if we're excited about that yet, but! but! oh my goodness, you guys!! The newest volume of this series is coming out very soon in Japan, and there's going to be a limited edition with a CD drama! And can you guess who plays Kaede!? Can you!? YOU GUYS!!! It's our beloved favorite voice actor!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! It's funny, because the thought did once occur to me that maybe they would put voices to this series, like with a drama or an anime, but I never stopped to think who might play the characters. I never would have pegged Yuki Kaji for Kaede, but now here he is! And we're very happy about it.

But let's get to the review, shall we? Spoilers ahead!

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Awww, this series is so cute. We're definitely looking forward to getting volume nine!

This week's not exist! I mean, they do, just not with anything we translated. Except that psych! Just kidding! Athena reminds me that Edens Zero 1 came out today! You guys, this series is so much fun! We're not writing reviews for it because that seems like it would be tricky to do for a weekly simulpub, but seriously, it's great! Shiki is hilarious. And in the simulpub version, they just introduced Homura, who is also hilarious. I love her so much.

And tune in next week for our review of Wake Up Sleeping Beauty 6! Eeeeeeeee!!! So much good manga to review! You guys, if you haven't finished Wake Up Sleeping Beauty yet, seriously, do it, because it's sooooooo good!

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work today, having a hilarious episode of Gakuen Basara to work on this week, our favorite voice actor being cast as Kaede, getting to remind ourselves of a ton of great manga that we get to work on, and getting to work on so much great manga.