November 6th, 2018


I'm sorry.

Well, everyone, I'm sorry, we have doomed us all. We did not make it out to vote today. We meant to sit down and fill out a ballot, but what with our current rush schedule, we wanted to get a good chunk of work done first, and because of the way our schedule looks, it needed to be a really really big chunk of work, and for a while it was looking like we'd finish with enough time to fill out our ballots and at least put them in the mail, but then we got hit with a map, of all things, and we've already been too low on blood sugar today, so by the time it was over there was no brain power left. In fact, I'm not even sure how coherent this post is.

On the bright side, we are so woefully uninformed about the issues that if we did vote, we might have been dooming us all even more. Either that, or it wouldn't have mattered because we're in California, so it would have either been one drop in the ginormous ocean, or it would have been the insignificant resistance of an ant to a boot. But at least we would have made our voices heard. But we didn't because we didn't try hard enough. But I'm too tired to even care. (I mean, if I cared more, I would have made an effort to vote sooner... Come to think of it, I think there were a couple of propositions that involved rental housing that might affect us... Well, all we can do is say we brought it on ourselves.)

Today I'm thankful for meeting our work quota anyway, having a new flavor of mug cake waiting for us to try it, getting to sleep soon, the hope that we won't have to push ourselves quite so hard for the rest of the week, and water (I'm thirsty).