November 3rd, 2018


Our manga dilemma

I don't know if I have anything to talk about today. Maybe I could talk about how much trouble we have reading manga for fun these days. I think it's so complicated I'm not even sure how to explain it.

Basically, we have a bunch of manga to read, and a bunch of different series we're in the middle of. We stay caught up on them for a while, but then our schedule explodes, and we're super busy and have no time for anything for a very long time. Of course, since we did used to read manga on Sundays, this shouldn't have really been a problem, but what then happens is that we'll have extra things to do on Sundays that take up our manga-reading time, or maybe we'll have really wanted to watch a Disney movie, and it goes on for a few weeks.

So then! we forget where we were in our manga reading. And since there's two of us, but only one of us can read manga at a time, it gets especially complicated when we're both reading the same series, but one of us has read through, for example, volume 15, and the other has only read through volume 13, or we think that's where we are, but nobody knows! Not to mention the fact that we'd have to search the apartment for some volumes of manga, because we don't know where we left it, or if we "put it away" or what.

And the upshot of all that is that by the time we feel like we have time to read manga, we have no idea where we are in anything, and we're too tired to want to bother to figure it out. And that is why we still haven't read the latest volume of Skip Beat!--obviously we know we're both on the latest volume, but neither of us is sure what she's going to read while the other is reading Skip Beat!. So of course we think about all the new series we want to try...but then we just see this whole thing happening all over again. Clearly we need a better way of keeping track of these things, but this goes back to the whole thing about not having the time and/or energy to figure it out. Alas.

Athena says the simple solution is bookmarks. The idea is not without merit. But right now we're occupied with Dream Drop Distance and Harry Potter. Almost finished with Harry Potter, though, so maybe soon...

Today I'm thankful for having time to play Kingdom Hearts today, having a new flavor of mug cake to try, having our snazzy new pins from Lumos, getting our work done, and being ready for new experiments with Disneyland Office on Monday.
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