October 28th, 2018


Scary stories

And it's just another typical Sunday here. Nothing much out of the ordinary happening, but we did read the last of the Rwanda stories at the Humans of New York Facebook page. Those are some truly terrifying and truly heroic stories, oh my goodness. The guy who runs the page went around Rwanda getting the stories from some of the survivors of the genocide back in the '90s, and from some of the people who helped hide the victims.

When we first started reading the stories, I was like, "Oh wow, I'm so glad we're not that polarized here!" But then one of the stories was about a Tutsi woman whose father had been friends with some of the Hutus (I was just a kid when this happened, and I haven't done all the reading, but from the HONY page, we learned that the Hutu people were killing Tutsi people), and they would get together for dinner and talk about how their kids would marry each other and stuff. Then the genocide started and these same people who were having dinner with her father came and killed her whole family.

None of the Hutu people were interviewed, and I understand not wanting to give voice to the killers, because you don't want people to hear their ideas and think they might want to try them. But on the other hand, I really wish I knew what it was that made them think it was okay to slaughter all these people, people they were friends with just days before. On the other hand, it's not like knowing that would give me any ideas on how to prevent it. Guys, we need to love our neighbors.

Today I'm thankful for living in a relatively peaceful country, having a lovely time reading Harry Potter, having a lovely time reading The Book of Mormon, Page making friends with our giant caterpillar plushie, and getting to watch Eren Yeager's attempts at interacting with Page when Page wanted to go outside. (Eren Yeager seems fascinated by Page. Page seems to be as uncomfortable around feline children just as much as most cats are uncomfortable around human children.)