October 27th, 2018


A great figure

Today was another typical Saturday, mostly. There was some work on correspondence that we don't normally do (letters and email), and! we ordered an anime figure. We have never ordered an anime figure before, and I'm not sure this one counts, either, because it's based on an American cartoon, but it's made in Japan by the same kind of people who make anime figures, and you certainly can't get this kind of figure made for a general US audience. But anyway. We do have an anime figure, and we love it. It was a Christmas gift that I got a couple of years ago...

Wait, Athena reminds me that we have two others. Okay, so the first one I was talking about is the Sailor Moon figure that we got from our stepbrother Scott almost two years ago. That one is especially awesome because Scott didn't know it at the time, but we had already turned in our translation of Sailor Moon Eternal Edition 1, so the figure turned out to be much more meaningful than anybody but Athena and I and lyschan knew.

We also have a figured of the title characters from Atelier Marie & Elie. We ordered the game because Tokyopop assigned us to translate the manga, and the special edition was way discounted, I guess because with the figures, they were taking up a lot of space. They're really cute, too.

We also have a figure of Loki from Matantei Loki, which came with a special edition of the manga. Back then, I think we were all about buying the limited edition if there was one. That figure is really cute, too! But I think it's these two figures that had us going, "We don't really do anything with them..." Especially the Loki one got super dusty, and I felt bad for it.

But then we got the Sailor Moon one, and now it's on our desk looking very cool, so we're not opposed to figures, just don't feel the need to buy them, generally.

But then! one of our anime newsletters shows us a picture of something that could only be a human interpretation of Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Immediately I thought, "IS THAT PINKIE PIE!?" So we clicked on the email, but the page wouldn't load and wouldn't load and wouldn't load. So we went to another one of our anime merchandise places, and searched My Little Pony, and there it was!

And oh my goodness, it was so adorable. The designer had Pinkie Pie's personality down. She was dressed exactly the way you'd expect her to be, and her hair was amazing, and it was so great that they used the colors from her cutie mark as the accent colors on her outfit, and! her cutie mark was even right there in a sensible place on her skirt! It was so great! And there's also a figure of pony version Pinkie Pie standing next to her, and the hair for that one is a little bit more rockstar than usual, but it's still great!

And she was about $100. And our first thought was, "Gosh, it's gonna be expensive getting all the Mane Six." So we thought of just waiting for Fluttershy, since she's our favorite, but I also find myself really relating to Rarity these days and I bet her hair would look great, too, and I thought of Apple Jack and how she could look super cute, and what if it actually turns out we like the Pinkie Pie one best but by the time we know that they aren't selling her anymore? We had this problem with the Build-A-Bear ponies, too. We got Fluttershy, and we're very happy with her, but then we thought, "Hey, I think we can afford to get another pony or two now," and they didn't have Pinkie Pie's voice box anymore, and the point is we snoozed and we losed.

So there we were, trying to figure out what to do about the whole business, and the next day, we got an email from that same website saying they were having a 30% off sale on all figures. And, since we have a lot of points with them from buying our Sailor Moon fan club memberships, we were able to pre-order the Pinkie Pie figure for the low low price of $17 (plus $10 shipping from Japan). And we are very happy with our purchase but a little bummed out that we have to wait until June to get it.

Today I'm thankful for having plenty of TOM points, sales on anime figures, the cutest My Little Pony figure I've ever seen, finishing the various pieces of correspondence we were working on (still have to send them, though), and getting to play more Kingdom Hearts today.