October 26th, 2018


Close encounters of the feline kind

When thinking about what to post about today, I'm almost starting to wonder if we're more boring now that we're not all-work-all-the-time. Today basically went like this: we translated a chapter of one of our monthly simulpubs, we did our exercise, and we played Kingdom Hearts for the rest of the day.

Oh! But I do have a cute story! Two days ago I thought I was going to be playing piano for a stake missionary conference that was actually yesterday. I made it and played for it without any trouble, but just in case, I went out to meet my ride (who wasn't coming) on Wednesday. When we open the door, it's not uncommon for cats to come running, but usually the cats that show up are the two social ones...or the ones that are really desperate for food. At any rate, this time I was surprised to see that one of the cats that came running was Eren Yeager.

What surprised me even more was that the kitten didn't immediately run away when I kept walking toward him (or her) without any food. It wasn't like I was trying to intimidate the little guy or anything; I just had places to go. But then it turned out I didn't have places to go, so I turned to go back to the apartment...and Eren Yeager was still not running away. So I figured what the heck, and I crouched down and held out my hand in a, "Come see if you want me to pet you," sort of way.

And I'm not sure if I can really describe how cute this was, but basically, the kitten would kind of hop forward timidly, then get shy and make a smaller hop back. This cycle repeated until Eren Yeager was close enough to touch me. He put his head against my hand...and immediately freaked out and backed away again. It was adorable. I stayed there a little longer in case he wanted to try again, but he seemed too nervous, so I went back inside. But the best part about it is the idea that we might get to be friends with Eren Yeager the kitten.

Oh! and the other great thing that happened today! For a good long while as we tried to get our work done, Page was wandering around aimlessly, mostly sitting on the laptop, thinking maybe she didn't want to sit on the laptop after all and trying something else, almost immediately deciding the laptop was the best place after all, shifting positions in case that's more comfortable, etc. etc. It was driving us bonkers, partly because it was such a nuisance, but also because we knew it was because she's been feeling under the weather. She's had some digestive issues, and so we had forbidden her from going outside and restricted her food to the sensitive systems formula that she doesn't like very much.

So! we decided it was time to go online and order some food she might like better that was also gentle on her tummy. We didn't get any sensitive food, though, because! to our astonishment! we discovered that the food she loved so much, the food we thought had been discontinued, has apparently been re-continued! So we ordered some of that, and hopefully next week she'll have some food she really likes again. And it's grain free, so maybe that will help with her tummy troubles.

Today I'm thankful for having lots of time to play Kingdom Hearts, Page's favorite food being back in stock, close encounters with Eren Yeager (the kitten), remembering to exercise every weekday this week, and getting to eat a big pizza today.