October 21st, 2018



Today we were reunited with a friend from church! I don't know if I mentioned her before or not, which means I don't remember whether or not I've given her a code name. Anyway, we'd hung out a few times before, and we loaned her our English and Japanese copies of Noragami 1, but then at the beginning of summer, she called and apologized for not giving our books back, but she was going to Japan. And she was gone all summer! But she was visiting family and stuff, and we weren't reading those books, so we didn't mind.

Or rather, we didn't miss them until we realized that oh snap, we're going to be working on Noragami again soon, we'd better reread it to refresh our memories! ...So we just decided to start with volume 15, since we mostly needed to know what all led up to volume 19, and that turned out to not be entirely helpful anyway, because we couldn't find any of our copies of volume 18. (I stand corrected; we found our Japanese copy, but it was only one book between us.) So we just read our translation script of 18 and we went on our merry way.

But anyway, now our friend is back and we got together just to hang out and chat tonight, and it was nice. And while she was in Japan, she bought us a copy of Wagakki Disney 2! Aww, that's so sweet of her! And it has the Siamese Cat Song! So we're really excited to listen to that, probably tomorrow, while we write a review of Love in Focus volume 1, which we translated a few weeks ago.

Today I'm thankful for getting to hang out with our new friend, our friend being so sweet to buy us that CD, getting a cupcake/cake combo at Bread Day, getting to start on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and being ready to reread Noragami if we want to.