October 19th, 2018


The eternal question

Today was the day we reached the point in our vacation where we finished the immediate things we wanted to do, like binge watch Seven Deadly Sins, and were faced with the question of, "What now?" This part is always pretty awful, because on the one hand, it's our vacation and we want to do fun stuff to restore our hope for life, but we also have an apartment that needs cleaning and we have to consider the possibility that maybe if we don't want to waste our lives, we should do something productive like clean the apartment or learn how to play the bagpipes. This dilemma was compounded by the fact that our ward Halloween party was mysteriously scheduled for tonight (it seems a little early for a Halloween party, but maybe that's just us), which meant whatever we decided to do was going to come to an abrupt end come party time.

So we took stock of our lives and decided that video games, which had previously been a rather large part of them, had been distinctly missing for many months now, and on top of that, Kingdom Hearts III has an official release date only a few months away. That being the case, we decided it was finally time to order a Playstation 4.

And that's nice and all, but we still don't have it right now, so the more immediate question of what to do with ourselves was left unanswered. That's when we thought about playing Kamigami no Asobi IF, but we weren't sure how lost we would be, so I pulled up our last report of what happened. And it was great and totally made us want to play it again, and we were so motivated! ...But we still had a Halloween party tonight, and now we realized we just ordered a PS4, so if we start KamiAso, are we going to have time to finish dating Apollo before we decide to ditch the whole thing for Kingdom Hearts II.8? That's when we realized that we had not thought things through.

Well, it didn't matter anyway, because we had a Halloween party to go to, so we decided to be semi-productive and read the manga we'll eventually take over starting with volume...nineteen, we think? And we had only read through volume nine, so now we're about halfway through our familiarization process! Tadah!

Then we went to the Halloween party and it was pretty alright. We got to talk to a lot of people, and at one point I was like, "Maybe we shouldn't make every conversation about what Disney is doing wrong these days..." And then we started another conversation...with that same subject, but! the woman we were talking to had some cool stories that were related but also changed the subject. So it was nice. And we seem to have similar Disney tastes, so that's nice, too.

Today I'm thankful for the hope of finally being able to play Kingdom Hearts II.8, renewed motivation to get back to KamiAso, the knowledge that we already have the CDs from KamiAso IF so we don't have to worry about being too late to get all the songs, having a lovely time at the ward Halloween party, and finding productive-ish things to do with ourselves.