October 15th, 2018


Happy Windsday!

Well today ended up on more of a downer than it was letting on. The first most of the day was great, though. The downer was just in the form of having to decline a job offer, but of course we hate to turn things down too flatly, because we know these people have to find freelancers and fast, so we try to leave things open in a, "But if you're struggling to find someone else, we can maybe work something out" sort of way, but then we worry if it sounds too self-important, and it's just bad feelings all around. At any rate, we hope everything works out. (We also took a while to get back to them, which at first we thought was okay, because we didn't see the email until after regular office hours in their time zone, and we really wanted to think about it before responding, but when we went to respond, we noticed the urgent mark on it, and now we feel even worse about making them wait. Aaaaagghhh...)

As for the rest of the day! We spent almost all of it watching anime, and it was glorious. We usually don't like to sit around just watching TV all day (it makes us feel blah in the same way taking naps does), so today's binge fest is a testament to just how tired we've been, or just how good The Seven Deadly Sins is, or both. We watched the whole first half of the new season, and oh my goodness, Yuki Kaji's Zeld...however they spelled it...his voice for that guy was really sexy. But the whole season is just full of one !!!! moment after another, it is so intense.

We figured halfway through was a good stopping point, so we'll have just as much to watch tomorrow, so we called Mom and it turned out not to be a good time, so we didn't know what to do. ...So we went back to the TV and watched Last Man Standing and then Dragon Pilots! And we stopped at episode nine so we could go to bed at a decent hour, and oh my goodness it was such a dramatic stopping point! Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!

But then we came back to the computer and decided to do some research on that job offer, and all the "Yay anime!" feelings went away, alas.

But maybe this story will bring them back! Almost all day, I was thinking that this story would be the whole LJ entry for the day.

Today marked the first major Santa Ana event of the season, which means! High winds! WooooOOOOooooo! And so we weren't surprised to find that the big umbrella in our patio had been blown over. Athena went outside to close it, in the hopes of preventing it blowing over again, but while I was in the bathroom, she heard a WHUMP!, and sure enough, it had fallen over again, all the way across the patio, and especially blocking the gate. So when I got back, she asked if we were expecting any packages, and I said I didn't think so, so we figured we were more likely to prevent further umbrella falls by leaving it exactly where it was, and we went on our merry way to watch The Seven Deadly Sins.

And of course, the setup should tell you what happened next. This time Athena was in the bathroom, so I was sitting in the living room just waiting to get back to the show when from outside I heard, "UPS!" followed by a soft THUD. I opened the door to remove the giant umbrella obstacle, but the thud told me I was already too late--the UPS guy had apparently just tossed the package over everything, and there it was, lying unceremoniously on the ground.

I was more amused by it than anything else, since it was bubble wrapped, and I figured it was a volume of manga, and those things are pretty sturdy as long as they're well-wrapped, which this was. And it was in fact from Kodansha. But it wasn't manga.

It was buttons!!!! We had found out about the worldwide Edens Zero button campaign when we were translating extras for volume one, and then again when Kodansha USA kept advertising all their stuff for New York Comic-Con. So the next time we turned something in for that editor, we added a PS with, "How can we get some of those Edens Zero buttons?" And she told us they made sure to reserve a set for each of us from the convention! Woohoooo!!! We were so excited, and we've been planning to wear them all around Disneyland the next time we went after they arrived. And we still are, but the best thing is! She sent us more than one set each!! She sent us three sets each! It kind of makes me want to wear all three sets at once to make sure somebody notices, because I want people to talk about it, dangit! ...It even seems like the Disney face characters would talk to us about them, because every button says, "Let's all be friends!" And since this is the set for America, the background is an American flag! I love them so much! I would love to get one of each of the sets, actually, but I'm not sure who I would ask for those. (I think there's also a set for Japan (of course), France, Brazil, Korea?, and maybe Thailand?)

Oh, but talking about that helps me feel better. Yay!

Today I'm thankful for getting to spend all day watching some great anime, our editor sending us each three sets of Edens Zero buttons, getting to hear our favorite voice actor playing two characters in the same series, also getting to hear him in Dragon Pilots, and the wind eventually stopping blowing down the umbrella (I stood it up again after I got the package, and of course it fell down again, then we guess the fallen umbrella alerted some neighborhood kids to the potential danger the kittens (who are no longer here but they maybe didn't know that) might be in, so they ran over and opened our gate to check, so I picked the umbrella up again when I went outside to close the gate again).