October 11th, 2018


My Monster Secret volume 12

We're back from gallivanting around Disneyland (I make it sound so energetic; it wasn't, because we are tired)! It was pretty much the same old stuff, but we did get to hear an interesting story from Farley. He was doing his usual thing when somebody walked by wearing a birthday button, so Farley immediately did what he always does and started singing happy birthday. When he gets to the part where they sing the name, he always pauses to read the birthday button, and this time the birthday boy was named Matt. After reading the name, he looked back up at the guy's face and realized, "You're Matt Meese!", one of the stars of the hit comedy sketch show, Studio C (you may have seen us talk about it here). So Farley told us to keep an eye out, because he was still at the park, but we didn't cross paths. Oh well.

Anyway, we missed Review Rednesday last night because we were too tired to deal with anything! But, in our usual timely fashion, we're reviewing My Monster Secret the same week we're translating a later volume! So without further ado, here is our review of My Monster Secret 12! Spoilers ahead!

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Wow, that feels like soooo faarrr behind what's going on in the story we're working on now. A lot can happen in five volumes. But this is where the story is really starting to heat up!

This week's new releases include...nothing! Our list had two Seven Seas books scheduled to come out this week, but since Anime News Network didn't list them on this week's releases, we figured we ought to check, and it looks like both of those releases have been pushed back, a situation that makes us wonder what the heck we're working on this other volume for them for. But that's life. We do have two weekly things going on, though--Edens Zero and Gakuen Basara! So you can check those out. And I think the latest chapter of UQ Holder! went live a few days ago...

Anyway, tune in next week for our review of Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun 7! Awww, I like that series!

Today I'm thankful for getting to hang out with friends at Disneyland, getting to go on Ghost Galaxy for the first time this season, finally getting ourselves decently fed today, getting to read some cool stuff in the Book of Mormon, and finishing this week's episode of Gakuen Basara without too much trouble.