October 8th, 2018


Here we go again

Well, we're back to a jam-packed schedule this week, but so far we haven't heard from our editors, so with any luck, it will only be for this week. We'd actually be in pretty good shape, but Gaston and Alice are coming to Disneyland...tomorrow? and Wednesday? At least, we're hoping it's only for that long, because Mom's coming to visit Wednesday night. Anyway, the point is, we don't have all five workdays this week, and since we have a weekly simulpub and we're back to translating anime, that means our schedule is crammed.

But! we managed to finish our work quota today and still had time to check out the new anime that takes place in the same world as Tiger & Bunny, so that's happy. Still not sure if we like this series yet, though.

We did think about writing reviews, since we're five reviews behind now, but it's still really hard to resist the temptation to not do anything work-related when we have the chance. So tempting, in fact, that we're sort of tempted to stop writing reviews altogether. The only thing holding me back from that decision is the knowledge that I personally like to go back and read what we thought about the things we translated, and I think it would be a loss for us if for nobody else. Maybe if we have more downtime in the near future we'll have an easier time getting back to writing those.

Today I'm thankful for getting our work quota done, super cute developments in My Monster Secret, having time to watch anime tonight, having plans to hang out with friends, and getting to have scripture discussions with my family.