October 4th, 2018


For real this time

Well, we finally really did it this time. We finished this week's anime episode, and we have the rest of the week off. It was supposed to be two and a half days, but it turned into just one and a half. That's what we get for underestimating the difficulty of taking over a series that was previously done by somebody else. Live and learn, I guess. Hopefully we won't have so many of the same problems next week, because next week, Gaston really is coming to Disneyland, and we have a text-heavy manga translation due, too.

The other bummer about today is that our internet was being weird, so our attempts to watch shows on Netflix and Hulu just met with a lot of buffering. It may also be because we're using an ancient Wii. But we don't know how any of this stuff works, so we couldn't say one way or the other. Eventually we gave up on it all in favor of reading Harry Potter, which did indeed turn out to be the better time investment.

But speaking of Harry Potter! Our Wizarding World crates finally arrived today! Woohoo! This time, the theme was "Back to Hogwarts," so we were expecting school supplies, and we were not disappointed. Well, maybe a little disappointed, because Athena was hoping for a quill. We'll just have to buy one at Hogsmeade. You know, whenever we manage to make it back there.

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And that's all for our fancy Harry Potter merchandise. Today I'm thankful for getting our Wizarding World crates, finishing that episode of anime, getting to take the afternoon off, getting to take tomorrow off, and finally getting to spend a decent amount of time hanging out with Page.