September 28th, 2018


Cat or no cat

We didn't see any cats in our patio all day, so we were a little worried that they took our actions last night to mean that we were through with them. That's not necessarily a bad thing, actually, since we're pretty sure there are other people in the complex who are willing to step up and feed them--people who don't have cat-hating neighbors. But we would miss them.

Anyway, we looked out the window just now and there was a kitty looking back up at us, so they haven't given up on us yet. Currently our strategy is to set food out before we go to bed at night and bring it back in in the morning. That way, hopefully the cats will only stick around when people aren't out and about, so they won't be bothering anybody. (Also, hopefully our rebellious actions will go mostly undetected.)

In the meantime, we are thiiiiiis close to getting to a point in our work schedule where we can take some time off and then slow down a little, but we had to call it quits early today, because we just couldn't take it anymore. I think we're doing a pretty good job on this translation, but it's going much slower than we hoped. It's due on Monday, and we'll have a chapter of UQ Holder! to do then, too, so we're going to need to work tomorrow to make sure we get everything done, but we are so taking Tuesday off. Except probably to translate Edens Zero. But one chapter of that shouldn't be too draining. I hope.

And now, instead of going to bed, we're going to pull up our translation of Noragami 8, because we just watched the anime episodes that cover it and we're wondering how we dealt with things.

Today I'm thankful for not being forsaken by the kitties, having a break on the horizon, getting to open our CD Japan package, getting to sit with Page while we watched anime, and the chocolate cookies we bought to help us with long workdays. And getting to sleep in tomorrow.