September 23rd, 2018


Back at Disneyland with the family

In case anyone was wondering why we didn't post yesterday, it was a typical busy Saturday followed by attending a hoedown fundraiser for another ward in our stake, followed by coming home to another anti-feline notice from our management. That last bit was too heavy a hit, so we just went to bed instead of updating.

And here I had been planning to post another story about Disneyland with the little ones! But now I can just post them in a bigger chunk. If we're lucky, we'll make it all the way through the report on Little Sister No.1's kids!

Collapse )

We did it! That concludes the Little Sister No.1 arc of our Disneyland tale. Tune in next time (whenever that is) for the Little Sister No.2 arc!

Today I'm thankful for It's A Small World not being rejected, having plenty of cupcakes to look forward to (lately all we're interested in eating is pizza and certain forms of chocolate), making it safely out of the Little Mermaid ride, getting to have Joe's Italian Ice at the hoedown last night (okay, so there are other food exceptions), and plans to read more Harry Potter.