September 14th, 2018



Well, we're feeling a lot less dead today than yesterday, which is good, because this volume of Noragami is being a bit demanding. Or does it just seem demanding because, while we're not feeling so dead, there's still enough fatigue to make it hard to understand words and stuff? Either way, ideally we were supposed to finish it today, and we didn't! Tadah! ...Eh heh heh. But we warned our editor, because we knew we would be wiped out from Disneyland with toddlers, and so she lowered the bar to at least turning in the first chapter. And we did! AND we turned in the second chapter, too! Tadah!

...So not as great as we hoped, but still better than the bare minimum. And here I was so sure that the third chapter would be just a bunch of silliness, which would make it easier to edit. I forgot that Noragami-style comedy takes a fair amount of research. Noragami-style everything takes a fair amount of research. But I love that it has so much depth.

Anyway, it's past our bedtime, so off we go. Today I'm thankful for being done with two of those Noragami chapters, the time-consuming nature of the series meaning we get to spend that much more time with it before it goes away for another while, that while probably not being as long as the while between volumes 18 and 19, the super yummy pizza we got from Pizza Hut, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.