September 11th, 2018


Sailor Moon Eternal Edition volume 1

I'm so excited!! The Sailor Moon Eternal Edition is finally out!! Oh my goodness, we have been waiting so long for this! We even went to Twitter to see if people are reacting. And they are! And it's mostly positive...well, mostly the reactions are, "Wow, this book is HUGE!" which is kind of neutral, but they seem to be pretty excited. Nobody seems to have actually read it yet, though. That's the nerve-wracking part. I mean, we're confident in our translations, but we also know that our tastes tend to not mesh with the mainstream. On the bright(?) side, probably most people will assume they've already read it and this version will barely be different, so they'll only skim through to look at the pretty pictures.

Anyway, let's post our review of it! Spoilers ahead! ...I mean, there might be spoilers, if somehow you haven't read or seen Sailor Moon before. (I can't believe we wrote this review almost two years ago.)

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And there you have it. I don't have any more to add. But! Sailor Moon isn't our only new release this week! We also have Nekogahara 4 and Waiting for Spring 8! ...Those are two very different series.

And tune in next week, for our review of In/Spectre volume 8!

Today I'm thankful for oh my goodness the Sailor Moon Eternal Edition is finally out!, work not thoroughly killing us today (only mostly killing us), being done with Arahabaki for this volume, Yato's nickname for Arahabaki, and the super yummy chocolate cupcakes we scored at Bread Day.