September 5th, 2018


Fire Force volume 11

We promised a review yesterday! But we didn't post one! We're sorry! We did make it back into town last night, but we still had Gaston over, so it just didn't quite work. We did think about posting a review earlier today, but! we had an email from our editor assuring us that the pattern for Noragami deadlines is still very much in place, and so we looked at our schedule and started doing that weird hollow maniacal laugh you see in cartoons when somebody snaps. We didn't really; we only imagined doing it.

On the bright side, we really do love Noragami. And oh my goodness, it's another manga with a chapter about people working too hard! And I think this is the last chapter before the series went on hiatus, apparently (based on the cover flap) because the artist wasn't taking proper care of herself. But here we are having to push ourselves on it because our September schedule is the madness. We need to tread carefully.

And now we have a Review Rednesday! Woohoo! And it's Fire Force 11! Yay! Let's get to it! Spoilers ahead!

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Aww, Fire Force. What a good series.

It looks like we don't have any new releases this week, so I think we might be going back to just Review Rednesdays for a little while and see how that goes. But next week! We're going to have to post on Tuesday or Thursday anyway, because we have all-day plans on Wednesday. And! AND! AND!!!! we're going to go out of order and post our review of... *drumroll* Sailor Moon!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! So tune in!

Today I'm thankful for an excuse to read more Noragami, also finishing our original work quota for the day (it was very small), having a lovely time visiting with all the people over the weekend, another super cute Spirit in Kingdom Hearts, and fireman calendars.