August 24th, 2018


A not-so-workful workday

Today turned out to be not as productive as we had originally intended. We have a stake activity tomorrow, so we had to do our weekly grocery shopping today, and from there all ideas of work kind of got away from us. We did do a little teeny tiny bit more work, though, because our editor asked us to write a couple of notes, and that led to doing more research, and that led to more notes... It's a vicious cycle sometimes.

We're also working on the cat situation. Yesterday we went to the pet store and got a carrier that will fit the mother cat and all the kittens. Right now, it's out in the patio so cats can get acclimatized to it. The kittens have been witnessed inside it occasionally. Ideally, they'll get so used to it that they start to think it's a nice place to hang out, and then one afternoon, they'll all be in there hanging out together, and we'll strike! But we do have plans (sort of) to lure them in if they never show any interest.

We also almost bought plane tickets to Japan. We got an email telling us about a good deal on airfare with our favorite airline, and we thought it was a great opportunity! ...But ultimately we decided we should probably make more headway on paying off all our taxes before we go spending too much money all at once. Le sigh. That's okay. There will be other airfare sales.

Today I'm thankful for the amazing cooling pillow sheet that came in our YumeTwins box, getting to watch lots of Ace of Diamond today, getting to see all four of the kittens together inside the Katty Krate we left in the patio (unfortunately, not an ideal container for transporting felines), getting our laundry done, and the cats not automatically being scared off by the cat carrier in the patio.