August 22nd, 2018


A little unhappy

Things have just been a little infuriating lately. The management has decided to renew their efforts at getting rid of the cats, which mostly means giving us more letters. Admirably, they have learned that insults aren't great motivators, so at least the latest batch of letters are more polite (but could use better proofreaders) and don't call anyone an idiot. We, too, realize that letting the kittens grow up without doing anything else will only result in more and more cats until we're drowning in them, so for the most part we're trying not to be too angry about it, and just letting it spur us on to take some real action (but I do want to point out that if the management wants them gone so badly, it's technically their job to catch them and take them to the shelter, not ours).

We called the local organization in charge of such things, in the hopes that they could maybe send somebody out to catch the cats for us, but no such luck. We're just going to have to catch them ourselves. So tomorrow, our good friend from church will be taking us to the pet store, and there we'll figure out whether it would be okay to just get a large carrier to lure them all into (right now, all the kittens are snuggled together in a box; if they and their mother like the carrier just as much, I think they trust us enough to let us close a carrier door before they all bolt) or if we should get traps after all. Then we can take them to the shelter and proceed from there, and at least the guy on the phone made it sound like at that point they'll be taking charge a little more.

In the meantime, people are on Facebook talking about how much they looooooooooooooooove the new Ducktales, and it's making me unreasonably angry. I think I've identified my problem. Like, it's not like I want the people who like the new Ducktales to not have cartoons that they like, because I do. But it used to be that Disney was the company that made all the entertainment that I really liked. They're not making that kind of entertainment anymore, and nobody seems to be interested in filling the vacancy. On the bright side, there's still Harry Potter and anime.

And speaking of anime! We got a new manga series to translate! Woohoo! ...Like we need any more work, right? But actually, we're getting caught up to Japan, or even finishing, a lot of the titles we've been working on, so we're pretty sure it won't wear on us too much. And most of all, it's by the creator of That Wolf-Boy Is Mine!, which was one of the titles that was more invigorating than exhausting. When Kodansha announced it at Anime Expo, we were hoping they'd offer it to us, and they did! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for getting to translate the new Yoko Nogiri series, running into a guy at Disneyland who is also unhappy about the new Ducktales character designs (part of the problem is I refuse to support the new art style, so I don't want to watch it at all, so I can't really say my hatred of it is valid, but even if I did watch it, I know I'd be faultfinding all over the place, and I don't want to like it anyway, I want it to be legitimately bad so they'll stop making it, and I know I'm being unfair about it and and and), having a plan to deal with the cat situation, having a friend who is willing to help us deal with the cat situation (although we're not sure if she'll be available to drive us to the shelter people once the cats have been caught), and being one volume closer to getting caught up on Karneval.