August 18th, 2018


Another Saturday

I almost think Saturdays are more the same every week than any other day of the week. We sleep in, we go grocery shopping, we do chores, and we go to bed. But that's not true, because after chores, we do something fun in the evening! We didn't have time for a movie or anything this week, so we went back to Harry Potter. The idea was to read some Harry Potter, then watch an episode of Ace of Diamond, but the Harry Potter chapters were long, so by the time we were finished reading we thought maybe it would be smarter to go to bed.

We did have another extra bit of Harry Potter fun today, because our t-shirts from our Wizarding World crates finally arrived during the week! And today we finally opened them! They're a lovely shade of blue (with a hint of green) and are covered in the silhouettes of several magical creatures from the Wizarding World of J.K. Rowling. One of the silhouettes is a murtlap, so we were pleased when that came up in tonight's reading.

Anyway, now we have some nice new t-shirts to wear when we go to Disneyland on Monday. Our passes will no longer be blacked out, and the next book on our to-do list is Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight, which lends itself very well to Disneyland Office adventures. I still haven't decided if it would be more appropriate to try to station ourselves at the Fantasy Faire, because of the whole Cinderella story aspect, or at the Hollywood Backlot (now known as Hollywood Land, but since they don't really follow the theme anyway, I don't see why I should adhere to their "let's call everything blah-blah-Land name changes) because of Kaede being a movie star and all that. So I think the plan is to try both areas and see how it goes, but it will all depend on several factors, including energy level and crowds.

Today I'm thankful for the grocery store having the perfect rations for our Disneyland Office adventures, getting to read some Harry Potter tonight, shiny new t-shirts, remembering to buy ice cream this week, and getting to hang out with Page.