August 14th, 2018


Waiting for Spring volume 7

We discovered that Noragami 19 is closer than we realized, so we decided to do some quick reading to review, and we started at volume fifteen. The result is that our Ace of Diamond watching ended with a bit of a cliffhanger and not time to watch the next episode, but we have no regrets. Man, Noragami is such a good series.

But anyway, it's Reviewsday! And this week, we have a review of Waiting for Spring volume seven to post! Spoilers ahead!

Collapse )

Aww, what a cute series! If you guys aren't reading it yet, I definitely recommend checking it out!

This week we do have some new releases! Fire Force 11 and In/Spectre 8! I highly recommend them both! And tune in on Thursday for our review of Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight 6!

Today I'm thankful for getting to revisit Waiting for Spring, getting to revisit Noragami, getting to watch Ace of Diamond, still finishing our work for today, and Page coming to say hi to us in the office.