August 11th, 2018



Yesterday we ended up staying up a little bit too late to update. It actually wasn't too busy a day, but only because we're still insisting on not working after dinner anymore. Not that work didn't put up a struggle. The first thing that happened was we came up against a name for a character that said, like, her job or something, and it was really hard to translate, because the best thing would have been "fire fighter," except that she's not a firefighter in the "going out to extinguish fires" sense at all. And okay, I'll admit, this was Sailor Moon, so we went to the internet to see if anybody else had any better ideas, because the previous edition was just "fire master," and that's not exactly the right nuance, either, because she's not a master so much as a martial artist, and I guess "fighter" isn't necessarily the best for that, either, but it's what they translate the word to in RPGs.

The point is, we found out that the internet prefers a different spelling for a recurring term than the one we want to use, so instead of changing it (because we like our version better), we decided we ought to write a note. But that required us to do more research. And that kind of thing happened all day long, oh my goodness. Except that in many cases it was for something that we got distracted with and wasn't going to come up until later, but we ended up doing all this research because we wanted to be sure. And then it came up, and we were like, "You know, I don't think a note is going to be very helpful here." Oh, this series. Don't worry, though. There are still plenty of notes.

And because of all that, we ended up having dinner late, so we didn't have as much leisure time afterward as we would have liked, but we were determined to write a review (we only had one left before we were all caught up!) and watch an episode of Ace of Diamond before we went to bed. And we did! But we ended up being up even later, because we got into a Noragami discussion in an online chat. Aaaah, Noragami, how I love you. Volume nineteen is coming out soon, and we want to reread it and be all caught up, but I don't think we'll have time! Aaaaaahhh! I guess we'll see how things go next week, or how long it takes us to finish this volume of Sailor Moon, and decide how much Noragami to reread from there.

Today was exciting because we were super exhausted, but we did chores anyway! and now our apartment is just a little bit cleaner, and it's true that that does wonders for your mood. And now that the office is cleaned up, we can start exercising next week! Woohoo!

Today I'm thankful for getting some chores done, getting to watch Ace of Diamond, getting to talk about Noragami with people, finding some very interesting things related to Sailor Moon, and surviving our trip to the grocery store.