August 7th, 2018


My Monster Secret volume 11

We have taken the day off! And I thiiiink...? it's helping? There were some unexpected time sinks, and then we ended up reading for work, so it wasn't the same as regular work, which means it wasn't wearing us out the same way, but it was still work so it was like, "But the point of today was to not have to do anything!" But it was pretty fun reading manga, so I think overall it was a win.

Anyway, it's also Reviewsday! So allow us to post our review of My Monster Secret 11! Spoilers ahead!

Collapse )

Aah, this series. It's so very...this series. We hope people are enjoying it! It actually seems to be one of only a few series we translate that we see reviews of past volume one, so I guess they are!

We appear to not have any new releases this week, but tune in on Thursday for our review of Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun 6!

/today I'm thankful for taking the day off, getting to spend plenty of time playing Kingdom Hearts, Page being super cute and leaning on my hand, finding where we left off in Karneval, and Kitten Wars.